Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Blessing

“Chris and Amanda, may you know great love together, and may you live in the desire to attain that blissful state in which each may win more richly because of the other. May you strengthen one another in all sorrow, share with one another in all gladness, and be companions to each other in times of the silent and unspoken.

“May your home help to make the world more homelike; and should you be lost in a maze of circumstance, may there be for you both a way back to the tenderness and beauty of a life together. Wherever you may be placed by changing fortune, may you be united not in word or outward form alone, but by the presence in your hearts of an ever deepening love.

“May the benedictions that rest on those who truly love rest on you, and fill you with love’s grace, both now and always.”

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